Natural Ways to Stop Hair Fall

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! This famous saying is loaded with truth. Making up the difference between poor lifestyle choices is a difficult task. So it is always best to embrace a healthy lifestyle to counter the major unevenness that could lead to hair loss, to begin with.

Here are some Hair Treatment for Hair Loss and ways to not only treat hair loss but to also build a more impartial lifestyle that will ultimately prevent hair loss from occurring.

The All-Rounder “Vitamins”

Our body needs and craves vitamins to have healthy hair, body, skin, & nails. Vitamins that are mainly directed on preventing hair loss are Vitamin C, Biotin, Iron, Zinc, and Niacin. It’s good to consolidate a couple of these into your lifestyle. Including Vitamine C in our regular life is one of the best hair oil for hair fall control and hair growth. Vitamin C & Biotin helps to grow hair faster while preventing hair fall. And the bonus is that Vitamins are generally needed for a healthy body.

Remedies of Hair Growth

Onion Juice is one of the most efficient Hair Treatment for Hair Loss because the onions contain traits that focus primarily on preventing hair loss along with assisting hair re-growth. The tingly oils & remedies such as onion juice will help to promote blood circulation to our scalp which re-grows hair, grows hair faster, and helps to prevent hair fall! Basically, for thicker and fuller hair go for onion juice.

Onion Juice Remedy Instructions are pretty simple because the whole remedy only requires onions!

Use a Natural Shampoo & Conditioner

Many people don’t realize that your shampoo & conditioner can play one of the biggest roles in causing your hair loss & hair thinning! Understand your scalp type and choose the right shampoo. Also, you need to wash your hair depending upon your scalp. For instance, over washing hair with dry scalp can lead to hair fall, or not washing oily locks thrice a week can lead to the same. Make sure the shampoo is not loaded with chemicals including sulfate, paraben, and silicone that can make your tresses brittle and hence, prone to breakage. A good conditioner can create miracles for your locks. It contains amino acids that help to repair damaged hair, and also helps to keep them smooth.

Diet and Exercise to Treat Your Hair Right

You need to feed your hair all the right nutrients particularly plenty of protein and iron. However, along with eating a balanced diet ensure you are exercising side by side. Yoga and meditation are effective in reducing hair fall.

Chemical Treatments

Undergoing harsh hair treatments like straightening, perming and coloring are definitely not kind to your tresses. Further stop using blow dryers, curling rods, notably on wet hair as they truly boil the water in your hair shaft and make them brittle. If you genuinely need to use a blow dry, then keep it on the minor heat setting. If using other products that heat your hair, start with a fortifying conditioner and finish with a protective spray. Using too many chemically loaded products on your hair could prove harmful in the long run. It’s best to give them a break and try natural home-made recipes instead.

Massage Your Scalp with Oil

Oil plays a vital role in strengthening your scalp’s health. The necessity of it can result to hair loss and dry scalp as well. Using essential oils can help promote hair growth and a healthy scalp. Oiling improves blood circulation and nourishes the roots. Make sure to massage your tresses once a week with oil that suits your scalp. Cover it with a shower cap and wash it off with a mild shampoo after two hours.

Here are the Best Oil for Hair Fall Control and Growth

Coconut Oil

This oil literally can do anything; you can use it in your skin, your hair, your hair as a moisturizer. Because of its characteristics as oil, it stays on your hair and prevents breakage. Coconut oil is amongst the Best Oil for Hair Fall Control and Growth. Seriously there’s nothing that this oil can’t do!

Argan Oil

Argan oil is also used for hair loss. It can protect your hair from heat making it more nourished. And like many other oils that keep our hair moisturized, this also helps in keeping a more manageable hair.

Jojoba Oil

This oil produces almost the same oil that our head produces called the “sebum”. With this, the scalp will easily allow it to penetrate through the hairs follicles for a deeper effect to the scalp and hair without any side effect or irritation.

Castor Oil

This helps in the growth of hair. It has vitamin E, minerals and proteins. It can reduce hair loss, fights dandruff and other scalp infections and can also prevent split ends.

Use any oils to massage into your scalp. Massaging your scalp is very beneficial for promoting hair growth, preventing hair fall & thinning because when you incorporate some type of tingly oil, it has a strong effect in stimulating a lot of blood circulation which is important for your hair’s natural growth. Some oils that are very strong in helping to prevent your hair loss are the following:

1. Rosemary oil
2. Lavender oil
3. Frankincense oil
4. Pumpkinseed oil
5. Eucalyptus oil
6. Tea tree oil
7. Peppermint oil
8. Olive oil
9. Avocado oil

As you can tell, there are so many oils that help with hair loss & hair thinning so try incorporating the Best Oil for Hair Fall Control and Growth into your hair care routine to treat your hair’s health with the earth’s natural ingredients.

Taking care of ourselves should always be top of our priority because that is how we showcase our personality. So, start taking care of yourself from top to bottom. There is so much to do with your hair so we must not take it for granted. Continue going healthy, and choose natural. It’s the best way to go.

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