10 Easy steps to avoid Hair fall

Do you think you're the only victim of hair fall? 

If yes, you are totally wrong

It is estimated that more than 50% of females face hair fall problems at some point of time in their life. There are many myths relating to hair fall. People tend to believe that the causes of hair fall are because of their hormonal change which can be true. Sometimes the damage that causes hair fall can be the chemicals that you use on a daily basis. It totally damages your hair making it dull and dry. 

Below are some natural remedies to regrow hair that you've lost or simply improve the quality of your current hair.

  1. Wash your hair with Natural shampoo: To prevent hair fall one of the most prominent reasons is to keep your scalp clean. Washing Your hair on a regular basis lowers the risk of any infections or dandruff in your hair. Using gentle shampoo will keep your scalp sensitive. Chemical-based shampoos may improve the appearance of hair temporarily but regular use can cause permanent hair damage.  

  • Scalp massage Regularly: Massaging your hair in a circular motion improves the circulation of blood flow in your head. It ultimately relieves all your stress and promotes hair growth. Regularly massaging while washing or oiling your hair increases hair thickness by stretching the cells of hair follicles. Thereby the most effective hair fall control and hair growth tip is to massage your scalp regularly.

  • Consider Essential Herbal Oils: The first step of your hair care routine is oiling. Oiling your hair regularly nourishes the hair keeping it moisturized, as dry hair leads to hair damage and hair fall. So while choosing an oil, it is very important that it is Natural. You can always count on hair oil like Baali which is 100% natural with a mixture of Herbal and essential oils. It works wonders with all hair types making it free from stickiness and hassle. 

  • Keep yourself hydrated: To moisturize your hair, water is the purest and natural treatment which will keep your hair healthy and strong. Staying hydrated promotes hair growth and makes it more flexible and less brittle. It is the easiest way to control hair fall and get supple and radiant hair. 

  • Avoid using harmful chemicals: Harmful chemicals not only damages your hair follicle but also damages the original quality of your hair. Instead, you can switch to natural products. Dying or coloring your hair can have a negative effect on your hair so you should try avoiding it.  

  • Use Paraben Free products: Before purchasing any hair product you should make sure to check the ingredients as it plays a very important role to maintain hair. It is possible that products containing Paraben might cause allergic reactions like itching, dry scalp, fading color and even hair loss. It is better advisable to use paraben-free products. 

  • Eat a healthy diet: Diet is the passage to growing hair. A healthy diet nourishes our hair with necessary nutrients. These nutrients aid the growth process of our hair. With the right kind of nutrients, the body will ensure that the hair growth is healthy and strong and therefore less susceptible to hair fall and breakage. 

  • Keep away from tools that use high heat: Heating damages the hair quality making it rough and harsh. Continuous styling of hair with heating tools will make the roots weak causing permanent damage. The damage caused cannot be repaired. Hence, it is imperative to minimize the use of heating tools and control hair fall damage. 

  • Be gentle with your hair: Handling hair with care is paramount. The tension that the elastic creates between the roots is immense, this may lead to hair fall every time you tie your hair. Ultimately all these can lead to easy breakage, hair fall and other hair problems. So using a wide-tooth comb is ideal to tame thick or coarse hair.

  • Keep your head sweat-free: Due to sweating during summers, it is often observed that females experience heavy dandruff. It is because of the sweat that accumulates in the pores and weakens the hair roots causing hair loss. To prevent sweating and keep your head clean it is often advised to wash hair regularly and to wear a bandana or cloth during summers. 

  • However, it isn't possible to completely stop hair fall in just a few days but keeping these tips in mind will help you decrease the quantity of hair fall. Instead, you can change your hair care product to Baali Herbal Hair Oil and see what difference it can make to your hair. Baali Herbal Hair Oil is a unique blend of 22 Herbs, 9 Essential Oil and 3 Cold press Oils that treats all your hair and scalp problems. 

    Following a healthy diet, exercising, and most importantly using the right product can highly benefit in controlling your hair problems. So fret not, choose Baali Herbal hair Oil and give your hair the natural nourishment that it deserves. Created with a blend of herbs and essential oil it is totally perfect for you. 

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